Why Atlantic Docushred

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Atlantic DocuSHRED’s mission is to provide our clients with a one-stop solution for all your document destruction requirements. Large or small, Atlantic DocuSHRED offers programs and services that will suit your business today and in the future.


  • Shredding takes place at your site with state-of-the-art shredding trucks.
  • Our trucks are equipped with enclosed automatic bin tippers eliminating any contact with your documents before they are destroyed.
  • You may witness the entire process via our truck equipped close circuit TV.
  • A Certification of Destruction is provided as proof your documents have been destroyed.
  • Atlantic DocuSHRED is fully insured and bonded. 


  • Atlantic DocuSHRED is on time. Whether you need scheduled or purge service, Atlantic DocuSHRED will be there.
  • Our service is fast. With our high capacity trucks we are in and out of your business quickly.
  • Our associates are friendly, uniformed, professional and courteous.

It is Easy:

  • No need to remove staples, paper clips, file folders, paper report covers, Atlantic DocuSHRED can shred it all.
  • There is no dirt, paper dust, noise, clean up, bag changes or other shred-it yourself headaches. We take care of everything for you – even recycling.
  • We can also shred directly from your Files and Banker’s boxes. 
  • Your service can be tailored to meet your needs

Cost Effective:

  • Atlantic DocuSHRED is significantly less expensive than in-house shredding and will free your staff to do more productive jobs.
  • Atlantic DocuSHRED can shred in minutes what would take hours or days to do with an office shredder.
  • Reduces your liability by ensuring you are in compliance with privacy laws.
  • Security containers are provided FREE of charge.


We are Socially and Environmentally Responsible

  • Sensitive information is destroyed in a regular and timely manner.
  • Demonstrates respect and priority to protecting the privacy of both yours and your client’s personal information. 
  • All shredded paper is recycled reducing landfills and saving trees.