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  • Employees selectively decide what to shred and what not to shred, which could lead to the potential loss of information.
  • Boxes under desk unsecured.
  • Employees perform shredding activities and get distracted from job duties - degrades moral and productivity.
  • Employees without "need to know" may have access to confidential material about the organization, its clients or other employees.
  • You purchase and install a high volume shredder
    (a commercial grade shredder costs between $1,200 and $10,000). Don't forget to reorder supplies and perform monthly maintenance.
  • You dispose of messy shredded output, deal with paper dust issues, and haul 132 lb bags.
  • Paper is thrown away.



  • Economical and convenient, everything is shredded preventing loss of any information to the trash.
  • Free locked containers.
  • All hauling and shredding tasks performed by our bonded technicians - secure, reliable and productive.
  • Secure collection containers protect information from outsiders and unauthorized employees. Materials remain safe and secure until shredded.
  • We provide and maintain state-of-the-art industrial shredders, so you don't have to. Never worry about ordering supplies, broken equipment, expensive repairs or utility costs.
  • We confidentially destroy and remove all material, keeping your office clean and tidy.
  • We recycle all shredded output.