Our Benefits

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We perform ON-SITE document destruction. You will always get the highest level of security for your sensitive records because we bring our state-of-the-art shredding equipment to you. All records are destroyed at your place of business - never transported, sorted, brokered or handled by a middleman. 

Complete confidentiality is assured with our “NO TOUCH” processing technique using pierce and tear shredding technology. We never directly touch or view materials outside your location. The loading and shredding process is fully automated keeping human hands off your sensitive documents. You can witness, inspect and verify the entire shredding procedure on our truck's closed circuit television (CCTV) right at your place of business.

Our professionally uniformed field technicians are, security screened and bonded for your peace of mind. Friendly and courteous service is guaranteed. We carry General Liability Insurance and bonding for your protection.

You will receive Independent Third Party Certification of a regular recurring destruction program and issuance of a Certificate of Destruction with each service. Our shredding programs result in well documented procedures that demonstrate you enforce strict privacy polices and compliance requirements.

We supply locked containers free of charge to protect documents between service visits. You have a choice of high capacity rolling containers or attractive executive suite consoles - a dependable and secure infrastructure to capture proprietary information assets and sensitive client materials.

You will enjoy economic rewards by avoiding capital expenditures and enhancing productivity through outsourcing, avoiding the use of expensive office personnel for time consuming labour.


Your choice of billing programs... 

We offer cost efficient rates for seasonal clients and flat rate pricing for on-going clients with consistent paper volume. We guarantee value by structuring a program that best reflects your service and security needs. Greater value and enhanced security is offered via our NO-TOUCH on-site shredding process and cost efficient pricing.