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Atlantic DocuSHRED offers a turnkey Shredding and Recycling package designed for your small business.


What you receive:

A lockable storage bin or console (various sizes) to securely hold your confidential information throughout the month. Our consoles are professionally designed to fit anywhere in your office environment.

What we do:

Once every four weeks, Atlantic DocuSHRED’s courteous staff will empty your container, shred its contents, and then recycle the shredded material. Our bonded staff will efficiently and quickly service your business. A Certificate of Destruction will be provided after each service.


  • Saves the time and effort of manually feeding an in-house shredder.
  • No more paper jams or broken shredders. 
  • All paper is securely stored inside a locked console.
  • No need to sort, remove paper clips or staples. 
  • All paper is recycled - not sent to a landfill with normal waste.