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Our programs are designed to meet your business requirements whether big or small


Our Branch Operations Program:

business entities that have multiple locations may find that individual sites do not generate enough paper volume to justify the outsourcing of their shredding needs, yet in combination they produce a high volume of sensitive material that pose both productivity and security issues. Atlantic DocuSHRED can collect material at branch locations, and then deliver locked and secured bags to your central facility for same-day destruction. Businesses such as banks, settlement / mortgage companies and a wide range of retail stores will appreciate the security and cost effective nature of this program.

Our Multi User Facility Program:

many multi-tenant properties have complex security needs due to the size and nature of their facility as well as the wide variety of users. All users may have shredding requirements, but with very different intensity and frequency. Atlantic DocuSHRED will track and analyze volume and usage throughout the facility, then customize collection schedules for best economy. We will ensure that containers are always available to accept material and are never overflowing. Without close monitoring and constant adjustments, shredding expenses at large facilities will spin out of control if traditional small scale document destruction programs are employed. Hospitals, campuses, property management companies and mall oriented complexes will benefit from our versatile options and precise attention to detail that keeps costs down.

Our National Accounts Program:

Atlantic DocuSHRED has networked relationships with the best independent service providers in most major metropolitan areas. Standardized pricing and master billing are offered to simplify accounting and the tracking of service. Independent service providers are smaller, more flexible and more service oriented than large national companies – so let Atlantic DocuSHRED link you into our network of high quality service providers across the country and enjoy national account pricing and convenience.